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It’s a story of success for Approved Training Ltd!

29th November 2017

It’s a story of success for Approved Training Ltd!


When Paul Blackshaw decided to set up a new company, he knew he would need to engage the services of an accountant. He was sure that finding the right accountants could make quite a difference to his business. But how would he decide which accountants would be right for him?

In an interview with Paul Blackshaw of Approved Training Limited. He explains how he decided on James Scott Accountants and the difference it has made to his business in the first 12 months of trading.

Paul set up Approved Training Limited because he was passionate about trying to help young people get into full time employment. He knew there were schemes available to them, but he felt he had a better and more innovative approach which would make a difference to both the employer and the employee. 

Twelve months on, Approved Training Limited is training copious numbers of young people to join businesses, mainly into the construction industry. Approved Training, in conjunction with the companies they work with, are providing these young people with a trade, the practical and academic skills and abilities, which potentially set them up for life. They do this through a range of traineeships, apprenticeships and vocational courses, all of which are helping school leavers and young people to either enter the world of full time employment for the first time or in some cases to get their feet more firmly on the ladder to permanent employment.

Paul and his team have an innovative and fresh approach to training which is winning him a lot of admiration from his peers. It has also given the company the opportunity to access larger sums of government funding faster than he would have ever expected when he first dreamt of setting up the business. 

Paul recognises that James Scott’s Accountants have had a pivotal role in his success. He recognises this particularly because of the relationship that he has with James Scott and the way they approach things, more than specifically the work they have undertaken. It was their approachability and down to earth advice which appealed to him from the start.

He said, “I guess I realised that any accountant can advise on setting up a business and can complete your year-end accounts for you. I wanted more than that. As a small business you can often feel at the bottom of the queue. Brendan and the team at James Scott’s aren’t like that, they always have time for me.

An example of this was recently when I wanted my first year accounts completed quickly, it was important for the business to be able to report our results as soon as possible. I told Brendan this and he just got on and did it!”

Through this first year Paul has received a lot of help and advice, including when to register for VAT, which, when the time was right, James Scott Accountants arranged for them. Paul and his team have also received training on “xero”, an online accountancy software package. James Scott Accountants also runs the payroll system for Approved Training and are setting up their auto enrolment system.

Paul is expecting even bigger and better success in his next year, he knows that there will be challenges along the way, but understands that having the support of James Scott Accountants will help to make it easier.

For more information on the way that Approved Training are changing the lives of young people, please visit their website www.approvedtraining.net


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