You may have seen on our website what makes us different from other accountancy firms . teamwork, fun, respect, high standards, responsibility and being human. 

However, if you’re interested in working at James Scott in Manchester, how would these values actually factor into your day-to-day working life?

We talked to some of our newer team members to see what they thought about working with James Scott.


Office culture

At James Scott, we’re made up of two partners and a wider team totalling over ten, a makeup that lends itself to a really enjoyable and positive working atmosphere and office culture. 

That’s because while we’re a large enough team to tackle larger clients and challenging projects, we’re small enough to have really gelled together as a team. No faceless bosses but a group of bright people who are always there for each other.

New starters have previously told us that they felt immediately welcomed to the practice, which we ourselves are delighted to hear. 

Lauren, for instance, a brilliant client accountant who joined us just over two months ago, said she “was instantly made to feel welcome and part of the team” when she started at James Scott.

A core part of our culture is that we’re committed to the professional development of the team – not just so they can do great things at James Scott, but so they can do great things in the rest of their careers. 

“I received lots of great training which has progressed me within my role already. The work culture is fantastic, and the office environment is uplifting”, Lauren added. 

Max, our budding apprentice accountant, said:

“I started my apprenticeship at James Scott 6 months ago and was made to feel like a part of the team instantly. Each member of the team has helped with my training and mentoring.”

Helen, meanwhile, our other new committed client accountant, described the culture at James Scott as “supportive” and that she has been able to “learn and develop through her peers and the firm’s partners”.


Flexible working

At James Scott, we don’t just offer a flexible approach to work because it’s the ‘new normal’, but because we recognise the benefits of the work style. And frankly, we care about the work that’s done – not how or where you do it. 

For Lauren, she appreciates the freedom of working at James Scott:

“Working at James Scott allows me to have freedom and flexibility within my personal life which in turn allows me to bring a fresh mindset and creative ideas to my job role.”

Helen, meanwhile, emphasised the benefits of flexible working and training. She explained that while working at James Scott, she’s had the opportunity to study the ACCA qualification alongside her work. 

She said:

“I have been given a full, flexible study package which has enabled me to pass my first two exams, around work commitments and my family.”


A modern focus

At James Scott, technology and modernity informs much of our approaches to work because we recognise the benefits of changing with the accounting industry rather than against it. That has multiple benefits for the team.


First, it means we can work calmly and efficiently without floundering around with paper documents and receipts. Lauren said:

“The modern and forward-thinking use of technology at James Scott means that I can progress through the upcoming tax system changes with confidence and efficiency”.

Max, meanwhile, appreciated how the “use of up-to-date systems and technology makes it an exciting and creative place to work”.

Helen has used much of her training time to develop her digital knowledge. 

“I have been given the opportunity to attend numerous seminars and training days, which has given me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of new digital ways of working and given me the confidence to work more efficiently and provide a better service to our clients,” Helen said. 

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