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Getting to know your new Xero accounting software can be a daunting task, so our friends at Xero, the UK’s favourite online accounting software package, have produced these short videos to help you.       

Cloud accounting for beginners

Xero accounting software is packed with amazing features that make managing your business finances easy.

The better you understand just how much the package can do, the more you’ll get out of it, which is why we recommend you explore the free Zero tutorials below.

Our advice is to have Xero open and work through the online tutorials one at a time, putting what you’ve learned into practice as you go.

1. Introducing Xero

In the first of these Xero video tutorials, you’ll learn the very basics: what is Xero? What is cloud accounting? And how can it help businesses like yours save time and energy? Think of this as a warm up before you get into the functions of the software itself.

2. Understanding the Dashboard

In this tutorial Xero shows you how to go about navigating the software itself from the first page you seen when you login – the very heart of how Xero functions. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the dashboard so take the time to get your head round it.

3.Confirm the Settings

This third Xero accounting software tutorial explains, step by step, how to enter or check your business information in the system, from company registration information to logo. Get setup properly at the start and you’ll save hours through automation and personalisation.

4. Attach Files

The fourth of these Xero accounting tutorials explains how to go about attaching files – invoices, receipts and other documentation that help you stay in control of cashflow and payments, and make bookkeeping and accounts preparation easier than ever.

5. Connect Bank Accounts

In the fifth of these Xero accounting tutorial videos you’ll really start to unlock the power of the software by linking it to your bank accounts, bringing your info together in one place. One app, one dashboard, easy to understand and easy to access from mobile device or PC.

6. Reconcile the Bank Accounts

Once you’ve connected to your bank, you’ll be able to synchronise your accounts with the latest statement lines in real time and keep on top of your business’s financial situation in real time. This video shows just how easy this process is, requiring just a few clicks.

7. Creating Quotes

Learn how to use Xero to quickly and easily create custom quotes for clients, customise their design, email them for approval, and monitor progress. And, when the client’s happy, this video explain how easy it is to move forward and turn them into invoices.

8. Invoicing Customers

Learn all about Xero’s invoice function which makes it easy to create and issue smart-looking, easy-to-track invoices. You’ll always know who owes you how much, for what, and even be able to set up automatic reminders and automate reminders for customers.

9. Create Purchase Orders

This short video explains how to set up purchase orders for suppliers, track delivery or billing status, and keep on top of inventory. It also shows how easy it is to convert a PO into an invoice or bill for charging onward to one of your own customers.

10. Manage Expenses

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how Xero can save time and costs spent on tracking and processing business expenses. It also shows how easy it is to use a smartphone to capture data from a paper receipt and automatically feed that info into your accounts.

11. How to pay Suppliers

Discover how to keep track of what you owe for purchases and orders, monitor the progress of bill payments and maintain a clear overview of your real-time financial situation. You’ll also learn how to save time by bundling and scheduling payments.

12. How to Manage Projects

Meet Xero Projects, a quick and easy way to track how much time and money you’re investing in each job. This explainer video sets out how to create projects, record time and expenses, manage invoices and (most importantly) keep track of profit.

13. Connect Apps

This final Xero accounting video tutorial highlights the possibilities of the software, know you’ve learned your way around it, by integrating third-party applications designed to perform all sorts of specialist functions, from payment processing to stock control.

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