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Joining James Scott during the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic wasn’t something Lucy had planned when deciding on a career change. Nor did Brendan and Matthew ever consider how it could be done! But through Zoom meetings and numerous phone calls, arrangements were made to enable Lucy to start work from home.

When we asked her why she had taken her time in deciding upon a career she replied:

“I have always wanted to be an accountant or work in finance. I first started thinking about an accounting career when I was around 10 years old and my mind hasn’t changed since. Unfortunately circumstances when growing up meant I was unable to pursue my dream career through university. I don’t see this as a bad thing or an excuse for stopping me, it has only delayed me.”

And so, Lucy joined the team and virtually set out on the road to accountancy qualification.

With a varied background in Travel, Transport and Financial Advisory, the breadth of experience and skills Lucy brings to the team will see her develop while taking onboard the core values of James Scott.

Outside of the office Lucy enjoys getting into the gym for a workout and walking her Labrador Summer. Summer can often be heard joining into Zoom meetings when she thinks she is being ignored!

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