A guide to Xero accounting software for businesses

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No doubt you’ve heard of Xero accounting software. You’ve probably seen the tech company’s ‘Marathon’ advert on TV or online. In it, Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby explains the all-too-common experience of busy business owners in the 21st century: “sometimes, running a business can feel like running a marathon… in the desert… through quicksand!”. It’s hard to disagree with a statement like that!

“But Xero accounting software can help keep your business finances running smoothly,” Darby exclaims. “Soon that marathon will feel more like a fun run… on roller skates… with a jetpack!”. Ultimately, it’s a message that we agree with.

We think more businesses should be using Xero and the wealth of tools it offers. It frees up your time, reduces errors, and helps you make better business decisions. It also helps accountants and finance professionals fine-tune their advice so it’s relevant, timely and more effective.

Xero, and cloud accounting in general, hasn’t been universally adopted yet, so you might not know exactly what it does. This guide will help answer any questions you may have, so, keep reading to learn what Xero is, what it does, and why you should use it.

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